Leerlingen die afgelopen schooljaar Cambridge Engels volgden, ontvingen deze week hun certificaat. Hieronder een verslag van twee van die leerlingen, uiteraard in het Engels.

When I first heard about the Cambridge programme I was immediately excited. I have always had an interest in the English language and really wanted to do something extra with it. It turns out my interest was well-founded because the Cambridge classes were soon my favourite to take. I particularly enjoyed the lessons in which we would do a number of speaking games, my favourite being the press conference game. Because we primarily focused on things such as listening, reading and speaking I personally believe I’ve gotten a lot better at these skills over the course of these two years. I would definitely recommend the Cambridge course to anyone who is even remotely interested in the language because it’s both a lot of fun and really helpful for your future.

-Evy van Mil, 6v


English has always been one of my favourite languages, (I actually prefer it over Dutch, but don’t tell anyone I said that!) and I was absolutely delighted to be able to participate in the Havo FCE Cambridge program. I was really disappointed when I learned that as a Havo student, I wouldn’t be able to follow the Cambridge classes, but the start of this programme for Havo changed all of that!

I unfortunately only had one class a week, but the lessons were easy to follow, the homework was not hard to make and the group really made a difference.

Even though the Cambridge classes perfectly prepare you for the exam at the end of the year, I was still pretty nervous when the time had finally come. This, however, was very unnecessary. Everyone was so nice and helpful and there was plenty of time to finish the exam.

My teacher – Miss van Zijl – really helped me throughout the year. I didn’t mind going to class at all. This is also one of the reasons I recommend participating in this program.

If you’re still considering whether to take the Cambridge classes or not -just do it! I guarantee you won’t regret it, I definitely didn’t.

-Jasmijn van Mil, 5h